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José Miguel López-Higuera, Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria, 1954. Fellow SPIE 2012; Fellow OSA 2014; Senior IEEE 1998. Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Cantabria (2015). Member of CIBER-BBN of IS Carlos III, 2016 and also member of IDIVAL, 2017. Doctor Engineer with extraordinary PhD award (1989), UPM, Spain. Full Professor in Electronics and Photonics at UC (since 2001). Founder and Head of the Photonics Engineering Group, PEG, at University of Cantabria (since 1992). Founder and Director of the International School of Light Sciences and Technologies, ISLIST at UIMP, 2015. Member of international Committees of Conferences (32), R&D Institutions and Companies in the field of Photonics (mainly in sensing): International Steering (ISC), Technical Program (TPC) and Scientific (SC); acting also as Co-chairman and also as General Chairman. Member of more than 20 Spanish Committees in the field of Photonics/Optics/Fiber Sensing and Instrumentation. Teacher of 40 classes/promotions (since 1976) of Telecommunication Engineering in Spain. Director of 17 PhD theses (8 with extraordinary awards) framed inside the Photonics/fiber sensing field. He manufactured the first integrated optical devices in Spain (1988) on lithium niobate. In more than 110 projects of R&D&i (55 with public and competitive funding) acting in more than 90 of them as manager, coordinator or main researcher) he has developed Light based Sensors (mostly on fiber optic technology) and Optoelectronic Instrumentation for Civil Engineering, construction, electric power production, aero-space, steel industry, biomedical, automobile, among others. Recently, with his group, he decided to focus, as a priority, the effort in R&D&i on Science and Technology of Light for Health and well-being. More than 700 research publications (including 63 invited talks) and 20 patents closely related to optical and fiber techniques for sensors and instrumentations. Editor and co-author of four R&D international books. Co-Editor of several conference proceedings and magazines. Guest Editor of the Special Issues on Optical Fiber Sensors published on IEEE Sensor Journal (several Editions), on IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, on Optical Fiber Technology and very recently on MDPI. Four new High Tech based companies from PEG: He is cofounder of TELNOS, (2005), Empiric Technologies, SL (2010) and Sadiq Engineering (2011). Enabler of Edrónica: Technologies for unmanned vehicles (2016). He has received numerous awards and honours being the most recent five: The admission to the Royal Academy of Medicine of Cantabria 2014; The Board of Trustees of the University of Cantabria Research Award 2014; The EWOFS Lifetime Achievements Award, received in Limerick, Ireland in 2016; The admission with his research group at CIBER-BBN of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (late 2016), and later at IDIVAL (beginning of 2017).


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