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Paloma González Álvarez is Technician in the Innovation Support Unit and European Projects manager in IDIVAL. She is Graduated in technical architecture and building engineering by the Polytechnic School of the Burgos University and got a Master in training of secondary teachers by the University of Cantabria. She is specialized in R & D management thanks to the Training Program of managers of R & D (GESTIDI) imparted by the Agency of Business Development and Internationalization of Castile and Leon (200 hours). She was participant in 2016 in the Specialization Program of Managers in the European environment of R & D in the SOST office of Brussels financed by CDTI (2 months). Paloma previously worked as a European project technician at the Santa María la Real Foundation for Historic Heritage. Furthermore, she got specialized courses of EU project manager and competitive research and innovation financing in health. Her main activities are focused on giving support in the preparation of European projects proposals, checking all the requirements of the calls, as well as reviewing the management and financial issues, and even writing the implementation and impact issues. She also helps in the execution of the ongoing projects, resolving any incident, and outlining amendments, Consortium Agreements…etc.


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