COST Action: GEMSTONE "GEnomics of MusculoSkeletal traits TranslatiOnal Network".

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PROYECTO Movilidad y formación EUROPEA Aportación dineraria

Objetivos del proyecto

The main objective of GEMSTONE is to translate the wealth of genetic discoveries arising from the different GWAS and sequencing studies into palpable clinical applications by means of functional follow-up and scrutiny of the identified genes and pathways. Ultimately, this GEMSTONE action seeks to materialize discoveries into the identification of novel drug targets and the molecular recategorization of complex diseases of the musculoskeletal system in humans. GEMSTONE is setup with the aim of allowing researchers in different European countries and abroad to bring together a wide range of expertise (surrounding crucial areas of genetic and functional research in common complex diseases) in a synergistic manner. This is needed to deal with the overwhelming amount of discoveries arising from recent large-scale genetic investigations of the musculoskeletal system and the scarce functional workup following them. Rather than having the expertise scattered throughout Europe (and abroad) working independently, this COST ACTION will embrace a well-coordinated transnational team, providing expertise and exchanging knowledge within a common objective, which allows the best use of resources. In addition, GEMSTONE will capitalize in the existing local funding endeavours of the partners, but will also foment new applications from the members of the network under a common goal, which by definition will strengthen the local applications to each independent national funding agency.

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