Joint Action Transformación Digital JADECARE

Datos básicos

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PROYECTO Investigación clínica EUROPEA Subvención

Objetivos del proyecto

The general goals of JADECARE are: Reinforce the capacity of health authorities to successfully address important aspects of health system transformation, in particular the transition to digitally enabled, integrated, person-centred care. Support the best practice transfer from the systems of the “early adopters” to the ones of the “next adopters”. This will be achieved by transferring the best practice for digitally-enabled, integrated, person-centred care from early adopters selected by the SGPP, focusing on activities to prepare the local environment for implementation according to their baseline situation, strategies and resource commitment and creation of a learning community for knowledge development and exchange including “twinning actions”, dedicated seminars and workshops and other activities. JADECARE will support the capacity of: care authorities to change management and re-organise the existing care models. As well, this project will generate data about the impact of the change and will establish a common framework and methodology of how integrated care should be delivered. Embed digital technologies and tools in care services: all GPs are based on the use of digital technologies and tools and the JA will also analyse how the implementation could be done in a broad range of situations from digital illiterate health systems to very advanced ones re-organise patient pathways in all the sites including the experience and point of view from the patients. Consider and monitor health workforce roles and skills with digital technologies and data development. Build the capacity of individuals and communities to participate in the care process. Empower citizens for active participation in healthcare decision making, including the use of patient reported data. Evaluate new performance assessment methods. The scope, scale and extent of these general objectives will be customized for each of the next adopters according to their needs and interest in their local strategies and action plans. In the case of Cantabria, the adopted good practices were specifically related to the development of learning material for a “school of patients” and tele-rehabilitation and tele-psychogeriatrics assistance.


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